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Having clean water equates to a better quality of life and savings

Water Conditioners
A water softener can dramatically extend the life of everything that your water flows through or goes to. Hard water from a well or municipal source clogs pipes with scale and reduces water pressure and over time the life of appliances, fixtures and surfaces. The body, hair, towels, clothing and dishes rinse cleaner with the improvement of a water conditioning and filtration system used to remove these unwanted substances. Using less detergent and soap helps keep it green, you lose less water from rinsing and re cleaning surfaces. Specific problems such as Iron stains can be resolved by an Iron-Handler that will soften and remove iron at the same time.


Under Counter Solutions
Water can taste funny at times. Ameri-Tec Mechanical has easy to use equipment that offers convenience right under the counter in your home or business. A Reverse Osmosis System treats your water through three different filters. Eliminating costly and burdensome bottled water, and it stays hidden under your sink. Our compact system space saving design is ideal for under sink installations. Exclusive manifold plate with patented channel design reduces tubing connections and simplifies installation. Automatic shut-off signals the system to stop making water until more is needed. You will have delicious, sparkling clear water and ice cubes, pristine, flavorful beverages and soups. Prolong the life of your humidifier, iron, fish tank and equipment. Dishes rinse cleaner with no spotting, great for pets too. Environmentally sound with no chemicals.


UV Systems
A simple but practical method of destroying disease causing microorganisms in water. Ultraviolet systems destroy many forms of harmful bacteria, E. Coli, Protozoan cysts, and water-borne diseases found in water. Unlike traditional disinfection methods such as chlorination UV imparts no residual chemicals into the water. This compact line of ultraviolet disinfection systems is ideally suited for point of use filtration, RO pre or with a myriad of other applications requiring the flexibility this design offers. Low power consumption operates for pennies a day. These systems are designed for easy homeowner maintenance. The UV lamp can be changed without interrupting the water flow.

Problem Water Filters
Controlling the environment around you is virtually impossible. What goes into the water supply is anyone's guess. How effective is the water system that supplies your home. Is it what you want your family to wash, cook, bathe, and drink everyday? Having your water treated is not only smart but can save you money and potentially your health! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, between 900 and 1,000 people die and another million become sick annually from microbiological illnesses linked to contaminated drinking water. Lead, a water-borne contaminant, is found in the water supply of a significant percentage of homes and businesses. Chlorine has long been added to water to protect against microorganisms. However, it is ineffective against Cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia. In addition, concern over Chlorine's long-term health effects has led to some reduction in its use, exposing us again to more traditional water-borne microbes.

The biggest "green" seen is the money left in your pocket. Green filtration - Reduce energy, water, and resources...stay away from the bottle, choose filtered tap water instead. Installing a water softener reduces the gas water heaters fuel use by 30%. Using a metered softener instead of a clock system can reduce both salt and water usage by 40%. Soft water extends the life of clothing, sheets, towels, plumbing, appliances and fixtures. Benefits are great for the body as well, you will have less build up on your body and hair as well as reducing the use of soaps by 70%.


Many businesses and homeowners realize they can play a part in protecting the environment by using softened water. Studies demonstrate that gas and electric heaters consume significantly less energy when operating exclusively with softened water. The use of softened water increases the cleaning efficiency of detergent products. With softened water less detergent is needed than hard water. Since the average family of four spends about $1,000.00 a year on cleaning products, savings can be substantial when softened water is used. Hard water is hard on clothes, whether washed in a washing machine or by hand. Tests show that clothing washed in softened water last up to 30% longer than similar items washed in hard water.


Whole House Systems
Over a period of time scale forms to clog your plumbing. As the pipes clog, water flow is restricted and water pressure can be reduced dramatically. A water conditioning system minimizes this headache. For this reason, conditioned water extends the life of appliances and your water heater too! The cost of your cleaning supplies will drop dramatically with conditioned water because you'll use less soap... fewer harsh chemical and get the job done. Hard water impairs the cleansing strength of detergents. Conditioned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces soap requirements and protects your washing machine. Clothes last longer, come out fresher, cleaner and softer when washed in conditioned water. Colors stay brighter too. Enjoy the savings and feel the difference that a whole house softening filtration system makes.

Quality Water Solutions for Business and Industry
We approach every application as unique – whether it's for a restaurant, a paper mill or a pharmaceutical manufacturer. There's no problem water too challenging, no application too large or too small. Through innovative solutions and proven expertise, we're more than ready to help you achieve your quality water solutions right now.

The following systems represent proven solutions for various applications. When you are ready to specify, call us. We'll walk you through the many options and variables to determine the ideal specifications for your application.

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