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Geothermal Systems

Introducing the Residential Tranquility 27™ Twin Stage Packaged Series
You have the power to protect your business and family from the stress of higher bills, while improving the energy efficiency of your home with the Tranquility 27™ Geothermal system, from Climate Master.

Homeowner Satisfaction: 
Independent consumer surveys rate geothermal systems as having the highest customer satisfaction compared to other types of heating and cooling systems.

Utilizing the Earth’s Temperature:
With 50% of your utility costs coming from heating, cooling and water heating, it pays to have a unit that utilizes the natural constant temperature of the earth (55 degrees) and does not expend as much operating energy as a standard system. This constant underground temperature is then mechanically raised to an automatic setting or any temperature you choose up to 100 degrees, as advanced scroll compressor technology and microprocessor controls allow the Tranquility 27™ to operate at the most efficient indoor level for all weather conditions.

Low Utility Bills:
Highly-evolved components and design make the Tranquility 27™ the most
efficient energy-saver for your home.

One compact unit providing heat, air-conditioning and domestic hot water.

Environmentally Responsible:
Using EarthPure® Ozone Safe Refrigerant*, the Tranquility 27™ is a breakthrough in efficiency – simultaneously providing you with the greatest energy savings of any single stage conditioning system and unprecedented environmental protection.

Safe and Clean for Family and Pets:
Geothermal heating and cooling has no flame, no flue, no odors and no danger of fumes.

Enjoy maximum comfort year-round through an innovated air-delivery system with optional dehumidification that works in any climate.


Ease of Operation:
The Tranquility 27™ comes with manual and automatic temperature balance features.

Unlike traditional air conditioners or heat pumps, geothermal units have no noisy outdoor fans to disturb you or your neighbors.

System Performance Monitor:
Automatic alert system lets you know if the system is not running at peak performance.**

Long System Life:
The elegant yet durable design of the Tranquility 27™ ensures long life, dependable operation and low maintenance.  All Tranquility 27™ air coils are specifically treated for longevity.

Energy Efficiency:
With the industry’s highest twin stage efficiency ratings, The Tranquility 27™ is the most energy efficient twin stage space conditioning system available from any manufacturer. The energy-efficiency criteria for geothermal heat pumps to qualify for the Energy Star program requires an EER rating of 14.1 (closed loop systems) or 16.2 (open loop system). The Tranquility 27™ has a EER rating of 20.

MERV 11 Air Filter:
Superior air filtration improves indoor air quality.  The high rating of 11 indicates a greater number of particles removed from the air. Compared to traditional fiberglass air filters, the MERV 11 removes up to 9 times more dust, lasts 3 times longer, can be installed into any of our heating or air conditioning systems, and captures nearly 100% of pollen and spores.

10-year limited warranty standard.***

Your geothermal system can be installed with minimal ground insertion, thus insuring that your yard remains in good condition.

With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that there have been an estimated one-million Geothermal installations in the United States so far!

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