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Products and services provided by the company may be eligible for rebates or incentives under PPL Electric Utilities' E-power energy efficiency and conservation programs.



Green Energy that can save you a lot of "Green"

Green energy creates power with as little pollution as possible at less cost, with fewer emissions than other generation methods. The result is a better environment for you, your business, your family and your community.

We have obtained several green energy certifications, including Green Energy certification acknowledged by LEED (Leadership in Energy and environmental Design), and we are active members of ABC Green Committee (Associated Builders and Contractors) and the GBCPA (Galveston Bay Conservation and Preservation Association).


Our products are environmentally friendly and Energy Star® compliant. Energy Star® compliance equals quality and savings. To learn more about the efficiency requirements manufacturers must meet to receive an Energy Star® label, visit Energystar.Gov.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology—often called “cogeneration”—is a game changer for light commercial facilities across North America. Our new MicroCHP (<50 kWh) solution gives you the high-efficiency water heating you’d expect from Lochinvar while simultaneously generating electricity as it heats. This means once it’s installed, you will see an instant drop in your electricity bill.

Our commitment to give you the broadest lineup of water heating solutions has led us to partner with EC POWER. As the #1 European producer of commercial MicroCHP systems where cogeneration technology is already widespread, EC POWER shares our value for providing the most reliable and efficient products possible.

For more information on our Lochinvar Cogeneration systems, Click Here.



Freewatt can save you over 50 percent in energy bills

Lochinvar is proud to introduce the new, improved KNIGHT fire tube boiler—delivering ultimate ease of installation and unmatched operational reliability and serviceability

Recent upgrades keep KNIGHT at the head of the class, allowing it to continue to lead the charge as the industry-leading high-efficiency residential boiler. With more adjustable parameters than any other competitor, KNIGHT is the most flexible residential boiler you can install.

Today, the new KNIGHT boiler family is available in 13 model options—six floor mounts and seven wall mounts. It also offers a broader range of heating capacity from 55,000 to 399,999 BTU/hr—while continuing to work at 95% AFUE efficiency.

For more information on our Lochinvar Boiler systems, Click Here.


Heating & Air Conditioning Systems:

In these days of rising utility costs you must focus on choosing a heating and air conditioning system that offers top efficiencies and offers energy savings.  Some systems also offer tax rebates and other seasonal offers. Call Ameri-Tec Mechanical and our professionals will assist you in selecting the system that fits your lifestyle.

Annual Maintenance:

Annual or semi-annual heating or air conditioning system maintenance will assist your system to work at peak efficiency and could avoid costly repairs, so call Ameri-Tec Mechanical so and we will analyze your heating and air-conditioning system, then select the proper service agreement for you and your system.